BVWS Auctions

The BVWS holds regular auctions of quality wireless sets and other equipment at our Harpenden and Royal Wootton Bassett events, and in our online auctions.

Selling Your Items

BVWS AuctionIf you wish to sell any vintage radio equipment, perhaps because you are scaling down your collection or because you are dealing with the estate of a collector, we would be pleased to help. We charge commission of 18% from current members and 24% from non-members, plus any transportation and labour (if you can deliver to Devizes, Wiltshire the transportation cost can be avoided). A small storage charge may be added dependent on quantity of items to be auctioned, but nothing else - no other charges!

Because we have considerable experience of auctioning vintage wireless collections, we will ensure that your items are sold for the best prices. We can deal with valuations, cataloguing and setting realistic reserves (we will not let quality items sell too cheaply). We will provide full reports showing the prices achieved, commission charged etc. We aim to make the process as simple as possible for the seller - just get the items to us and then wait for the cheque!

Remember that if you are selling on behalf of a deceased collector he or she may have been collecting for many years, and whether stated or not would want others to enjoy the items. By selling to other collectors via BVWS auctions you are carrying out those wishes. If he or she was a BVWS member at time of death the 18% members commission rate will apply.

If you have some items to sell, please contact Mike Barker. He will be pleased to advise you, with no obligation.

Auction Results

On this website we present the results of our auctions over the last few years. When reviewing these figures, please be aware that the price a particular item achieves at a particular auction can depend on a number of factors:

Auctions are unpredictable. Sometimes quite ordinary items will achieve quite high prices, other times quality lots will achieve disappointing prices. Because we have considerable experience in wireless auctions, we will set realistic reserves and not let your items sell too cheaply.